PLB - ACR RescueLink GPS-enabled

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Group: PLB
Additional Information: ACR 2881 ResQLink floating GPS-enabled Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). PLBs are for the person and are ideal for small boat adventures, solo outings, individual crew members, and even hiking and camping. • GPS – enabled
• 24 hours of signaling
• 406 MHz/121.5 MHz
• Built-in strobe light
• Manual activation only
• Comes with protective pouch
Perfect for:
• Delivery captains
• Individual crew members
• Any place you’ll be out of cell phone or VHF range
PLBs are for the person and are ideal to have attached to your life jacket, in the pocket of your foul weather gear, or attached to your body. Since PLBs are not necessarily registered to a particular boat, they can be used for back-country adventures such as hiking and camping, basically anywhere you go that’s out of cellphone range.