EPIRB – Ocean Signal RescueMe GPS-enabled

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Group: EPIRB
Additional Information: Ocean Signal RescueMe EPIRB1 GPS-enabled Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). Comes in a protective case for transportation and storage. EPIRBs are for the boat and are perfect for deliveries, offshore adventures and tournaments and regattas where an EPIRB is required.
• Floating Unit
• 48 hours of signaling
• 406 MHz/121.5 MHz
• LED strobe locator
• Manual/Auto activation
• Delivered in a protective case
Perfect for:
• Ocean deliveries
• Offshore adventures
• Fishing tournaments
• Distant sailing regattas
• Any place you’ll be out of cell phone or VHF range
EPIRBs are for the boat and should be left aboard for the duration of your voyage. We collect lots of descriptive information and share that information with rescue authorities in the event of an emergency activation. It should be kept as dry as possible and stored in an accessible location to all crew members, especially when out of cellphone and VHF radio range.